The Night That Began Forever

The Night That Began Forever

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Six months ago, James brought his mother to the restaurant downstairs for her regular breakfast. James and I worked at the same bank. For some reason, he found it convenient to take me to work, which he did every day. He was the C.E.O and I was a customer relations officer. This my story of the day James and I decided our forever began, not as two souls, but one. --Sue

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(This short story was submitted as an entry for Wattpad Romance's Challenge 20 - The Perfect Date.)

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Anjupanda Anjupanda Dec 31, 2017
This was adorable. I also like the way you write. I'm definitely going to read that other work I saw.
Ruechari Ruechari May 06, 2016
What a sweet story!!! I give you even bigger points for using the word mellifluous. I love words like that! You should expand this story some day!
HauntingAngel HauntingAngel Apr 28, 2016
Yay! You made it to the end. I hope you enjoyed the story. Please feel free to leave me some feedback and please vote if you love this story. :) Thanks a bunch.
most_bay most_bay Apr 28, 2016
Ah!!! Btw 'mellifluous' is a starred word in my dictionary.  One of my favorite worda ;)
Sebiera Sebiera Apr 29, 2016
This was beautiful angel! You write romance better than anything else.