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Beaten and neglected

Beaten and neglected

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kiya namikaze By fairydemon666 Updated Aug 07, 2016

Naruto has been neglected by his mum and dad for his brother and sister who are five years younger then him. his parents survived the kyuubi attack and the nine-tails is still sealed with in naruto. the first five years of his life had been half good and half bad. the villagers would beat him up at night, but he would get love from his parents. but that all changed when menma and mito were born he was completely forgotten. his two siblings don't even know he excises, his parents forgot that he was even born and that he lives with them and the fact he is like invisible to them. the villagers beat him up more then before it became a daily occurrence for him. even with this happening he did not hate the village. he had figured that they were blinded by their rage for the kyuubi sealed into him. even at his young age naruto could be called the prodigy of the century he is intelligent, caring, protective, strong, calm, relatively happy, prankster at times and defiantly a little crazy. he figured out that he has the kyuubi sealed in side of him at the age of 4 and met the kyuubi 2 years after. his siblings were born on the 15th of may and of course his birthday is the 10th of October. even with different birthdays their parents forgot about naruto. he is 5 years older then the rookie nine. he graduated the academy at the age of 8 he was announced chuunin at the age of 9, made jonin at 10 and made an anbu 6 months after and serves directly under his father minato the fourth hokage. he is mainly sent on assassination missions if  he knew his real identity and remembered naruto he would flip out.

Honestly would they even know you were their older sibling if they saw you daily? They are like Barely one year olds...
If I was him I would've basically destroyed that monument many times over the years
*walks into house and glares at everyone before picking up all the items in the house and putting them in the street* *glares daggers at "parents" while driving over their belongings* f*ck you. C'mon baby broseph we are going some where nice where you can interact with your future hubby Sasugay.
ApollosCabin1999 ApollosCabin1999 Nov 20, 2016
Any teenagers thought when one of their parents wants to talk to them (hopefully imma not the only one who immediately thinks that 😐)
Tartaru00s Tartaru00s Jan 02
How dar you disgrace month of may by being born then, idiotic twins...
kikkikkikki kikkikkikki Jan 14
No. Don't forgive them. They don't deserve it. You must come to the dark side.