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Scheme Girl

Scheme Girl

4.8K Reads 97 Votes 9 Part Story
Swinnie By Psycho_Scribbler96 Updated Apr 15, 2012

Mairi Adistone lives in a run down part of Scotland and has accepted life on the scheme.  But when the new American guy Kevin meets Mairi's depressed father and sees her crumbling house, he takes her in and gives her a room in his house in Hamilton - complete with central heating AND hot water.  The longer Mairi lives there, the more she realises that a hot shower doesn't always fix everything...

Psycho_Scribbler96 Psycho_Scribbler96 Dec 01, 2011
                              If you remember...can you come on MSN and tell me?  Please? :L
Psycho_Scribbler96 Psycho_Scribbler96 Dec 01, 2011
                              Glad you've rediscovered your love of Scheme Girl :L have I :S that's bad...
Psycho_Scribbler96 Psycho_Scribbler96 Nov 08, 2011
                              Up in Scotland, a scheme is a slang word for council estate (: glad you're enjoying!
Sceritz Sceritz Nov 08, 2011
Not bad, decent flow and dialogue, perhaps maybe an increase in intercharacter relationships.
DanniEeds DanniEeds Nov 08, 2011
I love the story! But can you answer a quick question? Excuse my ignorance, but what on earth is a 'scheme kid'? Is it like a punk/rebel? Because her clothes didn't seem to match that label. Anyway, love, upload.
Psycho_Scribbler96 Psycho_Scribbler96 Feb 26, 2011
                              :L I said this in a comment on Archer and Madison - oops!  I really must learn to check all my messages before replying!!