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Delinquents Prison.

Delinquents Prison.

148K Reads 6.6K Votes 21 Part Story
SubAleena By SubAleena Completed

DP is a nightmare of every delinquent. Why? Because it's not like any normal prison with police guards and cell's, instead, it gives out each delinquent to a dominant.
That dominant has every power as long as no permanent damage is done.
So what will Cole do when he is shoved in Ajax's control?

(Follow me cos this is a R-rated story, chapters might be private. No one less than 17 should read.)

Lmao I just sat here trying to say 51th...It sound so wrong I felt like I committed a crime like it was just so wrong
Why is this guy not in real life?
                              I feel like he'd fit right in with my weird AF squad XD
oooookaaaay oooookaaaay Feb 07
Apparently Ajax doesn't know how to use silverware either. Who eats eggs with a spoon?🤔
TeddyBear642 TeddyBear642 May 30, 2016
I like this story , it is really good and I don't know why but I like Isaac character
well you deserve that punishment Cole...... such act of harassment toward both gender will not be treated with care..... well that just came out of nowhere 😅
pizzapiepizza pizzapiepizza Sep 21, 2016
If I saw that I would forget about everything and be like "YOU LIKE HIM!!! *SQUEEEEEEEEE*" then everyone looks at me and I'm like "Sorry it's the voices in my head I'm kinda mental" but look at her and wiggle my eyebrows