The Flash [Book One]

The Flash [Book One]

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What if Barry wasn't the only one struck by lightning that night when the particle accelerator exploded ? What if he wasn't alone in his lab that night ? Instead of one speedster,what if there were two ?

Barry Allen and his friend  Emma Halliwell wake up 9 months after both of them being struck by lightning and discovers that the bolt gave them the power of super speed. With their new team and powers, They fight crime together in Central City.

Season 1 Of The Flash

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I was this flash crack video and so this scene came on and the voice over said
                              “ and then I realized I had man titties.” BRUH I DIED😂😂😂
Hahahahaha I love the way Barry wakes up, so dramatic, and Emma just like waking up from a nap😂😂😂
If u look at it they both really do wake up at the same time
Dr_Awes0me Dr_Awes0me Aug 15
You notice how this hints at everything that’s going to happen  changes in physics: Meta-human’s powers, medicine: Barry’s healing factor, the future is here faster than you think: Barry’s speed and time travel