The Flash [Book One]

The Flash [Book One]

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What if Barry wasn't the only one struck by lightning that night when the particle accelerator exploded ? What if he wasn't alone in his lab that night ? Instead of one speedster,what if there were two ?

Barry Allen and his friend  Emma Halliwell wake up 9 months after both of them being struck by lightning and discovers that the bolt gave them the power of super speed. With their new team and powers, They fight crime together in Central City.

Season 1 Of The Flash

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You should’ve done the scene when she woke up from the car crash season 3/4
Idiotic paramedic. Lightning doesn't automatically kill you.
Sarahzzz1212 Sarahzzz1212 3 days ago
Ooooooooooooooo she getting hit on 😎😉😎😉😆😆😉
SupernaturalFanatic8 SupernaturalFanatic8 Aug 26, 2017
I just realized why Wells "Eobard" always told him run Barry run, because he was there the night his dad told him that
JessiL1967 JessiL1967 Oct 12, 2017
When I read "I am God" I don't know why but but my brain read it as "I am Groot"
erika_shadowhunter erika_shadowhunter Oct 12, 2017
Can someone please tell me what show or movie this gif is from please and thank you 😊