My Prescious Obsession.

My Prescious Obsession.

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⭐Tara⭐ By Lupus_De_Nocte Completed

Jonathan Denis has a secret that noone knows about him. Jonathan is the famous murderer known as H2ODelirious.

Evan is the new kid in Myrtle Beach North Carolina and he catches the eyes of an obsessive murderer.

Jonathan is going to have Evan all to himself whether he like it or not.

Jonathan you possessive little bastard. 
                              I love it.
                              Yandere Jonathan is always the most possessive. And my favorite.
This is a very interesting book. I wanna see what happens in the future!!
Delirious: *breaks door with Axe
                              Evan: *screeches*
                              Delirious: HERES JONNY!
                              I Have mixed emotions right now..
                              I love this..
                              DONT HURT EVY ;~;
                              He still needs to walk ya Know..? XD