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Home-School Hair

Home-School Hair

21.6K Reads 2.4K Votes 9 Part Story
Christine Owen By Christine_Owen Completed


It starts with a boy. I mean, doesn't it always??

Join Zoe, a modern day Rapunzel, as she navigates homeschool, life as a barista, a first love, and most importantly, the lesson that life keeps growing.

**GRAND PRIZE WINNER AND CURRENTLY PUBLISHED IN THE ONCE UPON NOW ANTHOLOGY (Available for purchase at Barnes and Noble, Target, and Amazon)**

NovellaRose NovellaRose Feb 04
Dude, who had time for boys? I'm too busy trying to adult and not flunk out of college.🤓
Monrosey Monrosey Dec 30, 2016
Chapter one and I already have tears in my eyes! Beautiful writing. I'm in love with this modern day Rapunzel. ❤️
NovellaRose NovellaRose Feb 04
And also nothing wrong with being homeschooled. I was homeschooled from 7th grade to graduation. Now I am in college and am a *mostly* functioning member of society.
NovellaRose NovellaRose Feb 04
TBH, my friend told me I was socially awkward, except I don't feel awkward. But hey, I do have friends! Remember that one I mentioned earlier in this comment?😂
DriveInHorrorshow DriveInHorrorshow Dec 13, 2016
I love how she rambles as she tells the story. Her personality shines through - she's very likable.
Caity-Lyn-Anna Caity-Lyn-Anna Dec 17, 2016
Oh no. I compliment your writing style, you're so eloquent and I've read many of your stories and they always communicate your message so well, but oh. Oh no.