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Psykix By Psykix Updated Jun 26

She had a pretty good life, to tell the truth.

Working as a trauma nurse in the emergency room of her town had been engaging and rewarding, and nightly dinners with her family had been the highlight of her day after a long shift of beating back death and saving lives.

The keyword was 'had'.

Ever since the Monsters took the liberty of overthrowing the human government and demoting mankind to the bottom of the food chain, things have gone to shit for her species. Especially for her and her younger sister.

Now no longer able to do what she loves as a full time gig, Riona scrapes by day to day working in a food packaging factory to keep her and her sister afloat in this new world.. all the while patching up an injured human here and there, since physicians for humans were no longer a luxury. 

Things had been fine for the past few years in this new world, both she and her sister had finally adapted to their oppressed lifestyle.. at least until a certain injured Beta is quite literally deposited on her couch.

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ckdesire ckdesire Aug 12, 2016
I love everything don't change a thing i'm waiting for book 2
CakeAndUnicorn CakeAndUnicorn Sep 18, 2016
Question: how can she be a trauma nurse at twenty? Isn't she too young?
TheLostSocks TheLostSocks Feb 16, 2017
U cant be a trauma nurse at twenty, thats not even long enough to get through college much less med school
xLilacSkies xLilacSkies Dec 08, 2016
I thought about the movie Coraline, the most terrifying movie I have ever watched 😭😂
N3ko08 N3ko08 Dec 20, 2016
Every nurse's thought when something happens... It's really interesting the way she just switched to neutral work mode despite her deep dislike for the monsters. ✨
MarvelousMaReesha MarvelousMaReesha Dec 09, 2016
I highly recommend removing the second but in this paragraph.