Redemption of the Rat {Peter Pettigrew}

Redemption of the Rat {Peter Pettigrew}

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*Part of the Disney Series*

Peter Pettigrew.

One of the four Marauders. 

Not known for his good looks, skills or smarts, Peter Pettigrew grew up in the shadows of his friends' accomplishments. Wanting nothing more than to be like them, the young boy tried his hardest to be everything like the boys he admired the most. However, as he grew older he only realized that we would never amount to their level.

He became a young man, and suddenly, he found himself tempted. Tempted with the promise of power, the promise to be more than just plain old Peter Pettigrew. He could become the person he always wanted to be, one that was admired by others. But that never happened either.

Due to his own betrayal, Peter finds himself betraying his friends that he loved dearly in a moment of weakness, and spends the rest of his life trapped in fear and cowardliness until his death.

A sure death brought upon him by his own hand.

Peter prepares himself to face the punishments for his crimes, however, he is met with a different fate. 

He is given a second chance, but can the rat redeem himself?

death most likely hates Ellie for helping people cheat death
Dear Death,
                              Can we be friends?
                              Yours Sincerely,
                              Miss. L Lovegood.
                              PS: Kill me if you want. The underworld would be heaven to me.
Oh death, be my friend
                              Okay. That's morbid
                              But I'm Sirius
Well you went the wrong way about that now didnt you Peter...
Bella18161 Bella18161 Jul 18
Well they can't respect you if you're dead, but I get where he's coming from kinda
Yeah. When you're dead already who death is shouldn't matter. Just a thought