Supernatural: Archangels (Sequel)

Supernatural: Archangels (Sequel)

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Chameleon Colors By MarvelandDCunite Updated Mar 13, 2017

This is the second book, hope you like it enjoy!
Wonder what it was like before war against the Angels. Well this is like a family bonding thing. Short stories. I did add my own little fluff in there as well as some characters. I own my characters I create.

Extra: I own a few characters. Expect grammar and typo errors, I have dyslexia. 

PS: I'm using some work from Tumblr, FanFiction Net. So I don't own anything , but my own work I create.

  • angels
  • animals
  • anna
  • archangels
  • balthazar
  • castiel
  • chuck
  • gabriel
  • gadreel
  • hael
  • hester
  • joshua
  • lucifer
  • michael
  • pagan
  • rachel
  • raphael
  • samandriel
  • uriel
  • zachariah

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