Under the Cover. {Larry Stylinson AU} [Completed]

Under the Cover. {Larry Stylinson AU} [Completed]

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"But we all know I can make anyone fall in love with me."

"Anyone huh?"

Louis nodded.

"Well let's make this interesting with a bet. I bet you that I can make you find someone who won't fall in love with you."

"Do you know who yet?

Stanley looked around until his eyes landed on someone.



"Harry Styles."


Harry is quiet. He never stirs trouble. He doesn't want to cause anymore problems in his already-ruined family. He doesn't have friends because he doesn't want people to know how bad his life is.

Louis is the typical pampered rich boy with a large penis. He would literally shove that thing in any one to feel something. Anything. He enjoyed being loved, but could never seem to love back.

So when a bet is made, Louis has to make Harry fall in love with him. Harry make Louis feel things without having to have meaningless sex.

It was only a simple bet.

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*pulls out an ice pack from the freezer and hands it over*
                              " here you go, he got you good. Flamed dat ass."
I guess I wasn't listening in class when the teacher explained this or I forgot smh oh well idc
Im-Eliza Im-Eliza 2 days ago
Diddly darn I wish I was there to witness this beautiful scene.
What the - it’s thanksgiving Holiday , I don’t need no learning
😂damn that's my whole life in one paragraph from the one and only👏
Somelarrie28 Somelarrie28 a day ago
Am I the only one here who hates Maroon 5 and and mainstream music in general ? (Excluding my children of One Direction)