(x) Irregular Magic

(x) Irregular Magic

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Seyra By ephemorescent Updated Oct 10, 2017

unfinished and not being updated as of 4/18/20

In this world, your worth is determined by a number. 

Only for Mattie, that number is zero.

Matthia Somerhall's existence is a secret. Her parents hid her from the world because she is Zero-Affinity. Mattie is the middle-child of a family whose name is written into the Tome of Aster. Her older brother is the youngest High Wizard in centuries and her younger sister is a genius magical prodigy who entered Aitenwall University of Magic at age eleven. And then there's Mattie. She can't make the simplest flame or pop in and out of places. Labeled a "normie," Mattie struggles against the pressures of not being able to use magic in a world full of it.

But this magical society is on the verge of collapse, and Mattie finds herself in the middle of it.
With an amnesiac whose age constantly changes and a thief who has a knack for spatial manipulation, Mattie takes it upon herself to figure exactly who has made her life a living hell.