Inhuman - Robo-Wolf |Book 1| On Hold

Inhuman - Robo-Wolf |Book 1| On Hold

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Padraig Dempsey By Podgeypoo Updated Jul 31, 2013

Inhuman Series

In the year 2030, an incident that will dramatically change Conor Stryder's life overnight, will cause him to face up to the consequences of living in the danger zone for the werewolf he is. For him to move on with his life, he must make a choice that will live with him forever.

A deal that will change his life forever, to correct the defects of the incident that ruined his life. However, what deal will change the course of his life and allow him to become a cyborg werewolf. Is it worth the offer?

Meet Karen Reed, the poor and unfortunate soul that had to witness, not to mention be the cause of Conor's incident in her mind. All she wanted was to be a news reporter on the popular online newspaper of New York City and the troubles that occur there.

What happens when she tells her story of the werewolf who saved her life and changes not only her life but also the life of Conor's too. Can both of them face the media head on, while trying to complete the agreement that would put Conor on the run, if untangled by the public?

  • action
  • ambush
  • cyborg
  • deception
  • fantasy
  • future
  • gangster
  • hospital
  • hovercraft
  • love
  • newyork
  • pyscho
  • robot
  • romance
  • supernatural
  • witch
  • wolf