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Etherious Natsu Dragneel By EtherNatsuDragneel Updated 2 hours ago

I really wanted to do this..... Like, I SUPPORT THE DRAGNEEL BROTHERS!!! (Cuz I'm one of them... :P) Onto the summary!
During a seemly regular night, a hurricane struck. As Natsu was running home in the forest without Happy, since said Exceed stayed with Wendy, he found someone he had not expected hiding under a tree. Zeref. Of course Natsu didn't trust him, but he can't stand seeing someone-even if it was an enemy-get drowned by the rain. So, Natsu took him in. After a few days of nursing the Black Wizard to health from the fever he had caught in the rain, seeing that Zeref didn't have anywhere to go, Natsu let him stay. Fairy Tail seems to accept this until much later, but when they did... Acnologia came into the fray. 
Dragneel Brothers Story

TomoeHimura TomoeHimura Apr 12
There should be a book... How to walk down the stairs for babies and immortal dark wizards
AlisonKyin AlisonKyin Apr 04
Yep, you made him TOO cute
                              *fangirls then faints* (灬♥ω♥灬)
4201753S 4201753S 2 days ago
I guess all of us imagining this scene with Zeref rolling down the stairs with that song😂
4201753S 4201753S 2 days ago
Just like a meme say's "Behold! Fairy Tail's most evillest villain!" *shows a pic of an innocent asf looking zeref*
Tad OOC but otherwise it's great ;) Im excited to read mor e
This is an accurate description of my reaction if someone told me this