When Our Paths Crossed~A Jelsa/LadyNoir Fanfiction~

When Our Paths Crossed~A Jelsa/LadyNoir Fanfiction~

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When Elsa moves to Paris, her heart swelled with the hope for a chance of a normal life, she expects her stay at the Agreste's to be as mundane as it could possibly be. However, after encountering someone related to her past, who isn't someone as normal as she could hope for, and meeting the heroes of Paris, she must choose the road that will lead to her destiny.

What will happen when their paths cross?

× slow updates due to school and the inexistent occurrences in my life (also procrastination); will update asap ♥ ×

I don't own any of the characters. They belong to various movies or TV shows such as: Frozen, ROTG, and Miraculous Ladybug. If I were to create a new character, it will be mentioned in the author's note.       

Lovely Cover by: @SummerSnowQueen        

I've wanted this AU for so long. Thank you, this is perfect.
Don't worry, Mari. Her heart is only for the one and only Jack Frost.
I saw Jelsa and Ladynoir and I choked on the raspberry tea I was drinking. IM READY!!
Don't worry Marinette. Only jack will melt THAT section of her heart.
Ain't nobody wanting to go to your party that only b*tches would go to, Chloe -.-
SuperSam04 SuperSam04 Jul 30
When I saw this book my literal reaction was 
                              OHMYGOD I LOVE WHOEVER MADE THIS BOOK