The Accidental Reconnection

The Accidental Reconnection

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danielle By LouisYouHottie Updated Nov 07, 2017

Two years after the best mistake of her life (and 8633984 years since the author started the first story) Cassie finds herself on a whole new adventure. Everything is pretty much still the same, she's still with Liam, still best friends with Nikita and Louis, still constantly hiding the fact that she's obsessed with her boyfriend's band and has been for years - you know, the usual. Things are normal for the most part, until one day they're not.

It's been almost six years and I still don't know how to make good descriptions. Pls read this but also don't bc I need to edit the whole thing ok bye.

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suicidols_ suicidols_ Feb 12, 2016
                              Wait, I don't recognize any ppl here, WHERES EVERYONE FROM THE FIRST BOOK?!?!
thelibrarycard thelibrarycard Apr 23, 2016
Okay @Katywelsch11 how is this not based on you? Kathryn Walsh and Nikita.
thechasespace thechasespace Jul 03, 2016
Rereading this because you updated and I basically forgot what everything's about
5secondsofemilyyy 5secondsofemilyyy Jan 23, 2016
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-doodlebop -doodlebop Dec 23, 2015
I don't actually like one direction. I just saw my babe Willa holland on the cover and was like hey bitch
Aimeepop Aimeepop Dec 10, 2015
OMG😱 im gonna finished this today. I just finished the first book...