The Infected and The Immune ~ Syndisparklez

The Infected and The Immune ~ Syndisparklez

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A World of Crushed Dreams By TheTwistedKupkake Updated Oct 11, 2017

This book is private. Only the first 5 chapters are accessible without following me. (I should just private the entire book at that. This ain't a very friendly book.)

The end of the world. Some predicted fire. Others thought it would be water. The kids believed in an zombie apocalypse because they'd all survive and rule the world. But they were all wrong. It wasn't fire or water or little green aliens that destroyed the Earth. It was humanity. 
Now, when every moment is a life or death situation, suddenly, everything is useless. There is no need for a PhD in quantum physics, or a gold medal in the 2016 Olympics. It's no longer survival of the fittest, or the most intelligent, or the most beautiful like it used to be. It was survival of the most adaptable.
One deadly virus, no cure. Two scientists, two government officials, one psychotherapist, one mechanic and one child. Four guys, three girls. But only one immune to a world of sex-crazed zombies.
or the one where jordan wants to get fucked but doesn't want others to get fucked, so it's kind of a stalemate until tom comes in and fucks everything up anyways. and there's some other people there too, which make the whole situation a lot more fucked. so yeah, there's a lot of fucking going on.
-Graphically violent scenes
-Highly pornographic scenes (including rape)
-Triggering scenes
-Some rather kinky stuff
-None of that cutesy, fluffy, makes-your-heart-go-aww moments
-Basically everything that allows Wattpad to mark my story as mature and probably private


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myanite myanite Sep 07, 2016
IM EXCITE TO SEE WHAT YOU DO WITH THE STORY. I'm already obsessed with thisss
sunnydaywithclouds sunnydaywithclouds Aug 22, 2016
God dang it......
                              The diddle wittle might fall off. :-[
DearGodsINeedALife DearGodsINeedALife Aug 22, 2016
I'm sorry mate but the only thing I'm leaving behind (and hopefully losing) is morality. I'm going to laugh and enjoy this fully.
bananadashie bananadashie Aug 22, 2016
does it count a sense of humor if you're just being a horrible person?