Street Cats

Street Cats

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Eren is a Neko who was born on the streets. He's never lived in a house with a family. His mom Carla died when he was the age of 10. After her business went bankrupt and had to live on the streets begging for money. Eren's father grisha met Carla on the street and said he loved her, but it was all a lie. Once Carla said she was pregnant with Eren, Grisha disappeared. Carla had to fend for herself and Eren. She taught Eren as much as she could and how to have a positive outlook on all things. She died from exhaustion and overworking herself. Eren met Levi another Neko at the age of 12. Levi was one year older than him 13 at the time. Levi was out in the streets after he ran away from is abusive owner who was an alcoholic. Eren and Levi grew up together on the streets and now they can't be separated. What will happen when someone takes them away from a life full of selling themselves for money? 

Lots of sexuals 

This is an Ereri (Eren X Levi.) A boy X boy. If you don't like it don't read it. 

There will be a lot of smoot or inappropriate activities if you will say it like that happening. 

I do not own the characters they belong to Attack On Titan (shingeki no kyojin). They belong to Hajime Isayama. Credit to the artist of the cover it gave me the idea for this fic.

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Me: What's this?..
                              Story: BOOM. YAOI!
                              Me: I just say what I live for now (0///0)
DemonicLions DemonicLions Jun 28, 2017
.... This actually sounds like my mom.... Like she's like "I don't care if you want to have sex just tell me and I'll get you protection and birth control."
SereneShadows SereneShadows Jul 06, 2017
*Does Armin scream*
                              *drowns in holy water*
                              IM SOO GOING TO HELL
frankiesass frankiesass Jul 01, 2017
When the yaoi hits you hard* slams head into a table and screams 'Cause it's hot*
LemonBlurp LemonBlurp Aug 15, 2017
Okay Armin listen carefully, on the count of three run as fast as you can... 🏃🏼
LucyElizabeth121302 LucyElizabeth121302 Dec 28, 2017
Well that....
                              I cant exactly say that escalated quickly because ther was nothong to escalate from so...😨