Exhale #Wattys2016

Exhale #Wattys2016

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Started from the bottom and end up where? That's my question. Will I get an answer? What if I do get an answer... Will it be the answer I'm hoping for? 

Well I can't depend on the what if's and the what will happen in the future. I have a daughter that I need to make sure is straight. When shit goes wrong I try my hardest to repair the damages. I deserve it, Bella deserves it. 

 Why can't I ever just... take a chance to exhale?

A bus pass to make an extended visit to a friend's place. 💁
Biiihhh, you better get in contact with that lonalord so you can sell all of the furniture that you had. Or does it belong to them once they put you out? 😅 Idk.