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[Diabolk Lovers ] Vampire Or Not

[Diabolk Lovers ] Vampire Or Not

11.2K Reads 173 Votes 30 Part Story
BabyMelanie By prettychubbybaby Completed

"She Never Loved any of you did she?" 

"Not one time" 

"I'll Love You"


"For Eternity"

Never thought that you would settle down and find someone you love even if their heart is cold everyone still has a soft spot even cold people.
You have to show people love.

"I will love you for Eternity" 
"Vampire Or Not"

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Eternity Awaits


Ibuki_Sakamaki Ibuki_Sakamaki Dec 07, 2016
Twaimz is my main bad bitch! Love him! And Gertrude and Patricia!
Mikuru_Iru Mikuru_Iru Jan 22
prettychubbybaby prettychubbybaby Apr 29, 2016
Omg Yasss that's better than the name i picked it was Yuki but that shall be another person i can't say who it is cuz that will spoil it
Yoriko_Amu Yoriko_Amu Nov 06, 2016
I feel your pain. Last year one of my bestest friends moved from America to the Philippines and I miss her alot
ZensgirlTrin1 ZensgirlTrin1 Nov 13, 2016
sorry I'm not trying to be mean but Yui's name is Yui not Yiu
prettychubbybaby prettychubbybaby Jul 15, 2016
@Alpha-wolf119 Start from this book than keep scrolling until your done with this book then I'll tag u in the second one! And please like comment and vote.