Dìlseachd - A Forgotten Crown

Dìlseachd - A Forgotten Crown

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Gwynnedd o'Maeswnhir By CelticWarriorQueen17 Completed

**Highest Ranking: #169 in Historical Fiction 8/8/2018** 

        It was called a time of darkness. 
	For it was then that the flower of Scotland's men perished beneath the Danish axe as the Northmen swept across the Highlands, killing everything in their path and splitting Scotland in two. The last remaining heir to the Scottish throne is imprisoned--soon to be murdered.
	Six years after the fateful battle that was fought in vain to keep out the Scots' ancient enemy, the Lowlanders, weary of the Danish yoke, seek to reunite and overthrow their adversaries.
	Yet it will not be easy. Spies are everywhere, and many of the Scots cannot be trusted. Will they stay true? Or does their loyalty, dìlseachd, no longer have any meaning to them?
	Only time will tell whether the Scots are faithful to the true heir as they fight to overthrow the Danes, rescue the princess, and restore her to her throne--restore to her a crown that is almost forgotten.

Beautiful cover by @FayLane
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JenniferMcKeithen JenniferMcKeithen Dec 14, 2017
I know editing can be draining, but it's when the real magic of a story happens! Looking forward to the day when this awesome tale becomes a best seller! :-)
autumn_sunfire autumn_sunfire Dec 14, 2017
EEEEEE! So excited to know I'll have another friend doing the same thing. We can commiserate together, lol.
KarenSampson KarenSampson Aug 12, 2017
I love it and would love to be a beta reader.  The book is superb and such a grand adventurous story!
LuckyPlum LuckyPlum Jul 09
My comments/votes aren’t working on the first story I startednif yours- so I’m going to try this one and see if it’ll work itself out.