Mortals meet demigods [discontinued]

Mortals meet demigods [discontinued]

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火の子 By MycarisaTARDIS Completed

Thank you for stumbling into my book. Now I have to clean it again. 
*gets a broom*

-So much cliche stuff
-much mortals very demigods
-much much AN so be warned. 
-some story's might be going through some editing...nah. I'm too lazy. 
-note: Lazy. 
-note:I try to update as often. 
-Have some cake. 
-Call me AL. 

This story includes
-Me complicating about life
-Dan and Phil
-More complicating about life
-Thank you notes
-Cringe stuff 

-Dam this Sam smith song is good

I just notice that the name is kinda mixed with Barbie and brat = Barbra
"Even the sun can't handle it"
                              I swear to the gods I thought,
                              "Apollo can but Percy just isn't Nicos type"
I'm sorry, but I just looked at my cat while reading this and she was asleep (really adorable) AND I JUST FÛCKING CRIED
I know I should have frowned but I snorted really loud when I read the first sentence
KatsudonAndEros KatsudonAndEros Sep 11, 2016
*reads "reynico"*
                              WELL THANKS FOR THE WARNING AU REVOIR
                              *jumps out of window*
DestinysDragons DestinysDragons Oct 14, 2016
Will there be a wyssa story (will solace & Nyssa from Hephaestus)