My End Is Near - Naruto Fanfic

My End Is Near - Naruto Fanfic

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Yan The Author By yanderetokisaki Completed

Naruto is dying, he has always been since he was six years old.
As the years goes, the worser he gets. His disease is starting to show serious symptoms and Naruto is getting really ill.
Not wanting to cause any inconveniences, Naruto refuses to let anyone know, even his own team.

(Sorry I'm so bad at making summaries but I hope you'll enjoy my first book/fanfiction!)

Main paring:

//COMPLETED// Will be rewritten one day!

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Lol I have studied Japanese for 8 years, yet still I don't seem to understand a word. YOU AMAZE ME AUTHOR-SENPAI!
So you fixed the problem... by making it worse? Ok *walks away severely confused*
That's me talking to my cousin. And he's older than me. Haha :)
I was right. Cuddly demon fox. 😍
                              Jesus Christ...I am so gay.
No, don't think that way Naru! You ain't a demon! You're a fluffy little ball of sunshine that everyone (irl) loves!
Your english is very good in this chapter for someone who's Mother Language is not English!I've seen people who's Mother language IS english and their worse and writing in it.