life of lies//camren.

life of lies//camren.

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[Book 1]

The year 1864 was the year of grief for the princess of London. She lost her father, the king, Alejandro Cabello and now there were people who were trying to get the throne.

But on the New Year's eve, the king of England asked her hand in marriage and she accepted. But with that came the consequences such as people were dying and no one knew who was killing them.

Until one day, everything was open and the only reason for all those murders was the hunger for power.


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sweet_teee_ sweet_teee_ a day ago
yes. Shawn Mendes is very verrrry good to look at👑👀👅
FxtherShxy FxtherShxy Jan 28
How you gonna straight up say she's gonna repay you by giving you little demons
sweet_teee_ sweet_teee_ a day ago
1.. Don't pick up the phone-
                                  Why do all of Dua Lipa's songs make  me feel like I am on a rollercoaster for forever and all I want to do is get off?
“It’s the only way” that nurse clown from Adventure Time f*cked up 50% of my childhood.
Dark-Swann Dark-Swann Mar 23
Hmm.... strange........ I would've thought Lauren would've wanted to be called Daddy by Camila.....
Dark-Swann Dark-Swann Mar 23
First time? Girl you better go wash your mouth out with soap. Imma get Allysus on your ass