The Stranger's Wife

The Stranger's Wife

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Just 48 hours after her wedding to Willem de Vries, her husband deserted her with no explanation and no goodbyes. Eleven years later Amelia is summoned by the very man who shattered her heart. Her trip takes her on a journey to the most exotic islands in the caribbean where she is forced to confront her past and her future. With him or without him. 

Her husband is nothing like she expected and the romantic in her is afraid to demand answers. That is until his deep dark secret is revealed to her. Now she has to scramble to save her marriage by falling in love with a stranger. Or get the divorce she never wanted in the first place. 


Highest Rank 
- #50 in Romance ( Jan '17)

This is book ONE in THE STRANGER'S SERIES. However, you do not have to read book TWO (THE STRANGER'S BABY) for it to make sense. 

Heads up! Steamy, descriptive love scenes up ahead. In other words, this books contains mature scenes that may not be appropriate for audiences under 17. 

Good reading, y'all.

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Jinxx_Heart Jinxx_Heart Jan 03
Are you freaking kidding me!?!?!  I am so angry right now and I feel like I'm gonna be that way for a while
fortressofsolitudex fortressofsolitudex May 24, 2017
Yikes. I was hoping it would end up being his nephew or something.
Kryptonite55 Kryptonite55 Jan 07, 2017
Honestly, I'd take 3 days off work, go there and throw the divorce/annulment papers at him, make him sigh it and come back home.
EyesOfTruth EyesOfTruth Feb 27, 2017
My kitty's name was Oreo. He had black around his forehead and white in the middle..... He died. 😞
peaches4747 peaches4747 Dec 17, 2016
Sooo...because he is cute, he can ignore her for ELEVEN YEARS? And she is ok with that?
Kryptonite55 Kryptonite55 Jan 07, 2017
I'm already getting ready to assemble an angry mob with pitchforks and torches. Who's with me?