One Sided to Two sided (Not Edited)

One Sided to Two sided (Not Edited)

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I’m just hungry By Pie_Master Updated Jul 07, 2018

"This, right here, is the start of those stupid cheesy romance movies. The girl doesn't want the guy, the guy see that, tries to get the girl, they fall in love the end." I silently laughed, crossing three of the jellies together. 

"Oh, I see it now," 

"I can assure you, I will not fall for you, like they do in those movies," 

"Well," Thomas slid closer to me on the bench. "This isn't those movies. This is our movie,"


Carter Arsen lived a regular, normal, almost by the schedule life with her little sister Kylie, and million dollar business owner dad. Like changed when she bumped into a certain dude at school, and honestly she wishes it could've gone back. 


Tbh idk what I'm doing with my life if you like the book wow thanks