Dominant One( SERIES)

Dominant One( SERIES)

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" Jamie, I know you want me" seductiveness in his tone    

His firm hands caressing my  lower back making me shudder at his touch.

 " I- I- 

"Say it" 

Giving in to this gorgeous man I say " I want you"

"Get on the bed " he demanded

 Climbing on the bed, afraid of what he might do, tall, dark and handsome spreads my legs as wide as they would go. His facial expression turned into full lust, want and need.    

" I'm going pleasure you and you're going to sit there and take it" he smirked     

* Warning Extreme Sexual Content*

i just hav to say tht this was the best detailed book ive read so far...cant wait to read on more
I'll rise up to see Nathan's face. I'll rise up to see that everyday. I'll rise up a thousand times again.
Hecfar Hecfar Sep 19
I like him 😍 her character is a little off though. You know. Being a virgin and all 😒
Roses are red
                              Thorns are prickly
                              Might I just say,
                              That escalated quickly.
Man I got school tomorrow. Yet I'm still up reading "sexy time" stories on wattpad.