Nicholas Wild x bunny reader complete Opposites

Nicholas Wild x bunny reader complete Opposites

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#ForeverTrainingDragons By ForeverADragon101 Updated Sep 14, 2016

(So I went to see Zootopia with my little brother and farther. At I thought oh god 😑 but all the throughout the movie and after it I was like wow. I love the movie and wouldn't mind watching again.)

"Wow this is amazing," your mother chimed.

"Do you think the world would love it?" You asked with hope in your eyes.

"I'm sure they will honey," your farther said as he placed a hand on your shoulder.

"Thank you. Now all I need to do is copy more of my books and publish them," you sang and grabbed your suitcase.

"Be careful out there Zootopia is a big place," your mother warned you.

"I know mum and I'm ready now. Just like Judy I wanted to succeed in writing and live in the city," you said as the train pulled in.

"I told her you were coming and she will meet you at the station," your farther said and pulled you into a hug.

"We love you honey and good luck."

"I love you too guys... Right I better go I don't want to miss the train," you said and ran onto the train.

You turned back ...

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