Drunken Words

Drunken Words

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크리스틴 By ICorruptedMindsI Updated Jul 05

Evangeline and Seth were best friends since birth. Their parents were good high school friends and it just so happened that they were living right next to each other.

Eva and Seth never thought of each other as something more than friends even if their friends were always teasing them about it.

With the way their senior year is going -everything so hectic plus the drama the school provides - it seems like Eva will never get her peaceful last year in high school. Every small spark of hope inside her fades out in one party. A way to get all of the stress out of her body. Yet, the thing is that what happened in the party made her stress out even more.

That was the night her best friend mumbled out some drunken words that will forever be engraved in Eva's brain.

"I love you"

I already am, and going to stay fabulous FOREVER *throws glitter and poses *✨ you see✨
In the words of beyonce "BOY BYE" tf you thought bros before hoes
It's a really good beginning, it sounds amazing! Can't wait until the next update! :)
That's my type of exit and nice exit!! Its a 100/10 (OVER POWERED!!)👍👌😋
Okay I just started and I'm loving it already and of course you too😂😂
Oh my best friend pulled my hair when we were 6 and play fighting and I kicked him in the balls. I feel no regret.