Caught By The Bad Boys

Caught By The Bad Boys

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"Are you scared because your dad is the sheriff?"
"Why do you keep on asking me that?"
"I won't stop until I get a proper answer."
In which a girl will do anything and everything to get away from all her bullies. Studying her butt off to get into a university that's across the country. 
But what happens when she is forced to walk home and the gorgeous yet self centred players of the school offer her a ride home? Listening to their loud music makes her sing along but the boys are curious as to why a nerd likes rock music? Maybe she's not as nerdy as everyone thinks yet lives up to the  nerdy, good girl stereotype because her dad is the Sheriff.  
 A bet is then set by the boys to figure out if she is really a good girl. For the next two weeks she has to be the bad girl of the school. They expect her to fail because she is obsessed with school but she has a little experience from her past which comes in handy.  

The first few days are fine but they are suddenly intrigued by her. 

Rumours started to spread, secrets fall out and promises are broken. The only people that can help her are her bullies.

Just a girl who is gullible and trying to see the good in everyone. 

People are meant to cross our path for a reason. 
But you know what they say...
Second chances doesn't always mean to have a happy ending

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Wow ur grandma Is cool all my grandma says is try not to crack the mirror
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Seams like you got more readers with than without that comment
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We sisters? I think so,my names Erica...I believe we were lost in the hospital and I'm your sister
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*awarkwadly catches your attention* I uh don't swear.... *sidles away like an awkward turtle*