Being Pretty

Being Pretty

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IziKing By killyourvibe Completed

Rose Smithson is ugly, and she hates it.

One day, while crying in the bathrooms, she gets visited by a fairy who will grant her one wish. Rose is overjoyed, knowing exactly what she wants.
To be pretty.

Being pretty might just be the hardest thing Rose ever does though.

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Meow_Star6 Meow_Star6 Nov 10
Noooo I seriously ship Shane with her if they don't end up together and idiotic Chase does then I swear I'll chuck the laptop out the window
Meow_Star6 Meow_Star6 Nov 10
I'd understand why Rose would tell Mandy she's ugly because Rose has been insulted for a long time and so it's just like giving Mandy a taste of her own medicine. It's like an eye for an eye
Meow_Star6 Meow_Star6 Nov 10
Every. Single. Wattpad. Character. But I mean she has low self-esteem sooo it's okay
nvm128 nvm128 Oct 09
Girl don't change urself for anyone especially not for that good for nothing chase *middle finger*
I don't know why people have crush but unfortunately i don't have any
What the this a retelling of Cinderella or something 😆