Being Pretty

Being Pretty

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IziKing By killyourvibe Completed

Rose Smithson is ugly, and she hates it.

One day, while crying in the bathrooms, she gets visited by a fairy who will grant her one wish. Rose is overjoyed, knowing exactly what she wants.
To be pretty.

Being pretty might just be the hardest thing Rose ever does though.

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craaaziness craaaziness May 02
Nope he's asking you to be his fubu tonight ugh id rather be ugly now
True I'm not beautiful people say I'm ugly and I believe it. I wish I was beautiful
I wish my flaws made me beautiful... the only interesting thing about me is my abilty to scare people away....
Lu51015 Lu51015 Mar 13
                              DEAR LORD THIS GIRL
Lu51015 Lu51015 Mar 13
Lmao what if the fairy came back and did the reverse
                              "You're to happy so i'm taking away your pretty"
I'd wish to be able to change my appearance at will, so I could randomly turn into dumbledore in the hallways and freak people out.