Being Pretty

Being Pretty

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zite By killyourvibe Completed

Rose Smithson is ugly, and she hates it.

One day, while crying in the bathrooms, she gets visited by a fairy who will grant her one wish. Rose is overjoyed, knowing exactly what she wants.
To be pretty.

Being pretty might just be the hardest thing Rose ever does though.

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GT5700 GT5700 Jul 15
Can I find a Shane in Craig's list? Is there one up for auction?
Leighakelis Leighakelis Jul 14
I just heard Leonardo DiCaprio's voice when reading this...❤️
Madharbs1 Madharbs1 Jul 22
BOI imma boutta rip your arms off and shove them down your throat if you don't shut the hell up
chi_blesyn chi_blesyn Sep 06
I like your story it is awesome especially the part where rose asked darren are for a favour
wilsorob007 wilsorob007 Apr 09
I would be like"obviously only shallow b*tchs with no life could like you" then go cry in a bathroom