The Silverleaf [Wattys 2016] LOTR Fanfiction

The Silverleaf [Wattys 2016] LOTR Fanfiction

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Mellyn, welcome! By SunnyTreasures Updated Nov 24

She can't run away. She can't hide. She carries them wherever she goes.

Even the lightest of souls have the heaviest burdens.

And even the noblest of hearts sometimes cannot see the beauty right in front of them.

"I'm enchanted! I don't think I have read another story quite like this that is this authentically elvish... It is a true treasure on here!" ~Aiwren

"I'm enjoying this! Your style is very fitting. Well done!" ~ EpicRedpenn

"Wonderfully penned. I cannot express how much I love your work, it's like reading an undiscovered chapter of Tolkien, even. I can't wait for more!" ~Dreamescape07

"Indeed, most tales of Middle Earth do not come from an Elf's eyes. Yes, they do see all, and that is the pity of it. If you look into an elf's eyes, you will see Time itself. Pools of memory, lakes of sorrow and springs of joy. The elves are where sorrow and joy meet. Perhaps that is why they are so intriguing. " - Susanna Chattaway

Really like your beginning! Looking forward to seeing where it goes. I might have missed them, but did you put translations for the elvish anywhere?
airwren airwren Jul 10
I'm in love already. There's no question you did your homework on the lore and it comes across the page so beautifully. I'm looking forward to this.
I love how accurately you weave in Tolkien's timelines and ideas:) And the characters! Good descriptions as well! Those are not easy to do for sure. Well done!
I like how contradictory this feels, to be horrible and cheerful all at once.
I love this story so far! I'll definitely keep reading it!(:
Alright. You have caught my attention. Let's see where this story takes us....