I Reincarnated As One Of The  Best Friend Of Rival Character In Otome game

I Reincarnated As One Of The Best Friend Of Rival Character In Otome game

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bellharnest By bellharnest Updated Oct 05, 2016

Hai I'm bellharnest but you can call me Bell.This is my first story so if you have anything to say or advice please just leave a comment, i will try my best to reply it.BTW english is not my first language so maybe there will be wrong grammar or word.OK thats all now i will start with 
  Ruka Rorona is Vice President of Student Council. She was always pretend to be cool, stoic and charismatic but in fact Ruka is an Otaku in Otome game. So one day, on the way to class she fall from the stair and hit her head first.She died just like that and was reincarnate in another world then she realize that she had been reincarnate as support character in otome game Reynold Trisha as the best friend of rival character. In this world she decide to live as she like without pretending..

Do you prefer to use the pas tense or the present ? :)
Ah, it's not Truck-san this time !
                              *to the student concil room
                              *When she steps on it, she slips, she falls and she hits her head first
*people think she is a cool person
                              *Ruka have sharp black eyes, a pointed nose, ruby lips
                              *her sharp eyes
                              *her friends were disapointed when they learned that she is an otaku
                              *what they said hurt her feelings
                              *she decided
                              *to be someone that she's not
*Does Ruka-sama want to grab some food? I heard that a new cafe opened :)
*the game is almost finished
                              *she played all the character's routes and she saw alle the good and bad endings
                              *Mirash's route
                              *arrives at her home and go
R-Ion99 R-Ion99 Jun 15
Now After Truck-san,and here is it Banana skin-san lololo XD