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Barbs Galicia By barbsgalicia Completed
Everything has changed since THAT day. My husband despises me even more now than he did before. He hates me so much. He only wants my body...and wild, filthy sex. And that breaks my heart.
Ouch. Maybe you did something that made his perspective different
Congrats po  ang ganda po talaga ng storyang to, you deserve it po
ang intense. ang kawawa ni vanessa. ayaw ko na maga sawa lol
nagbabasa ako ng mga comments, Prologue pa lang grabe na reaction ng mga readers...Haha. As the story progresses you will know the reason why Allen did such cruelty. it might be a story but who knows some women do relate on this one.
Ahhhh kaya naman pala ehh tinangalan mo ng tiwala si allen ehh tsk tsk
Hindi ko ma-imagine na si Song Joong Ki  nambu-bugbog dito. Hahahahahha