Dark Phoenix (Niall Horan AU)

Dark Phoenix (Niall Horan AU)

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*Third book of the "Criminal Profiling" Trilogy* 

After the great torments, Niall James Horan and Raven Ella Smith have finally been able to start fresh. A life that the both of them have desired for so long has finally become a reality. 

But life doesn't always stay happy like expected. As new threats come along, the young couple have to now recall their dreaded past moments. Even if it means to show out the true darkness of Raven that not even Niall himself has experienced. 

After all..."You can't abandon the darkness that's already a part of you".

Woah.... Niall is a father?? My heart.... just.... broke like 💔
*puts head up quickly* *takes the girls plate* *throw the vegetables in my mouth* *swallow without chewing* come on Nialler let's go😂😂😂
Same gurl but no haram..... no food is gross..... maybe some
Niall..... food is nutritious...... there is no such thing as "vegetables are nutritious".... Niall.... she was right.... grow up... no but srsly don't
26?????? What? What? WHAT?? WHATTTTTTTTT? too old perhaps????
ashhelizabeth ashhelizabeth Jul 14, 2016
Oh nvm I answered my own question; they're already married. I just didn't know if they were a couple who had a kid but aren't married yet.