[Camren]The Flight with Reaper

[Camren]The Flight with Reaper

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Leo By Rycer06 Updated 6 days ago

AU story...

Lieutenant Karla Camila Cabello is the ace fighter pilot of the air group boarded the Renaissance Federation's flagship. She's aiming for the position of Lieutenant Commander of the said group. That is until a hotshot pilot fresh out of the academy, comes in and takes the spot ahead of her: Lieutenant Commander Lauren Michelle Jauregui.

This is one of the story I've enjoyed reading. Since I loved it I will share it to you. I'm converting it to camren fanfic and I will edit some parts and names, but still all the credits to original author.

Sit back and relax, fasten your seatbelts we will be in outer space in 3..2..1..

Oh my God this story just started and I'm already having trouble keeping up with the aircraft lingo lmao
AltoWolf AltoWolf Jul 21
For some reason I'm getting an RWBY vibe from this...not that I'm complaining. This is really good!