Devastation to Wings ► Embry Call [on hold]

Devastation to Wings ► Embry Call [on hold]

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sav By JustSav Updated Oct 26, 2016

❝You came into my life at a bad time, when I truly hated who I was and what I had become. I was broken, damaged, fading. But you fought your way in and saved me. You loved me and by doing so you made me love myself too.❞

      Clara Im was made up past actions, heartbreaks, and the bitter taste that lingers on your tongue. She screams innocence with every step she takes as she held her head up high with confidence, she welcomed adventure and risk with closed arms; never second guessing about the consequences that await on the other end because of how enclosed she is. Never in her life has Clara ever looked over her shoulder. But a single handed mistake throws her life off course and thrusts her into a world that she could never imagine.  

      Sudden obstacles and new revelations present themselves to her, but whether or not she's able to stay sane in the end is the true question. For once in her life Clara realized that life has consequences, but it doesn't always mean you'll be the one taking them, it could be someone who is so undeserving.

      It's so unfortunate that the one who is forced to suffer through her consequences is the one who is so willing to take away all her pain. Embry Call will not hesitate to stand by Clara Im, but does the wild hearted girl feel the same? Or will she simply leave and do the one thing she's good at; disappearing.


[ twilight saga ; new moon ]
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veroed veroed Oct 03, 2017
I feel so sorry for her 
                              But honestly please just call your parents
dibseeh dibseeh Sep 26, 2017
When I read the song name: hey it's like Bts 
                              Reads Artists: *f^cking dead*
veroed veroed Oct 03, 2017
Oh my god she's giving birth at the last memory! 
                              I'm welling up, dang it
whatever_leia whatever_leia Mar 02, 2017
Left hand is steering the other is gripping your thigh 
                              Not the time
Fineman2001 Fineman2001 Aug 15, 2016
Iv just thought of a good introduction for a book from this line thanks it really inspired me for some reason
Dysfunctional_Beauty Dysfunctional_Beauty Dec 31, 2016
You don't know how fast I clicked in your book when I saw Soojung on the cover😍💖