The Good and The Bad Times - Sans x Frisk / Frisk x Sans(EDITING/ON HOLD)

The Good and The Bad Times - Sans x Frisk / Frisk x Sans(EDITING/ON HOLD)

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Koreaboo dot com By PrismaBetta Updated Sep 30, 2017

03/16/16 (CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN) I'm not giving any spoilers 😊
It's up to you if you want to read the story or not. (FIRST PUBLISHED STORY OF MINE)
Here are the warnings.


This contents are included in the story.

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Mxga_-- Mxga_-- Jun 26, 2017
I could've sworn I saw "I saw the purple pie just lying on the floor." But okay..  XD
ionospherically ionospherically May 09, 2017
                              HEARTACHE!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hardcore fangirl*
I-IXXI-I I-IXXI-I Jul 29, 2017
Frans (Frisk x Sans) 4ever and ever
                              Frans is love (Not L.O.V.E)
                              Frans is Life <3
PandaPlayzGamez PandaPlayzGamez Dec 31, 2016
That's okay! I've read many stories made by non-native English speakers and I could understand them fine! They all did so well and you sure will too!
TheHowlingSilverWolf TheHowlingSilverWolf May 09, 2016
Friiiiiiiiisk, what did you doooooo?...
                              Did you reset again? 
                              Naughty human!
Totally_Not_Gay Totally_Not_Gay Nov 01, 2016
Here's a tip, this is a little repetitious I know english isn't your first language but try using it once you specify what the object is