Fish Out Of Water(Kellic)

Fish Out Of Water(Kellic)

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In which Kellin is a mermaid and Vic is a Marine Biologist.

{ I'm pretty sure there's going to be smut in here soo if you don't like that...   
Mermaid!Kellin   Nerd!Vic....

you'll get it when you read it}

+Cover is by @-Lxrenzo+

I feel better aboit wearing glasses now. Mine kinda look like his lmao.
I thought this was going to be about a sequel story☹️☹️
Ummmmm excuse me glasses??? Vic??? Brb while I go photoshop that
                              u named ur boat after ur mom?
                              but like
                              ur sitting in it right
                              and it rocks back and forth
                              isn't that like
                              another version of like...
Yo vic you still ha ent put a ring on her bc if you dont i will
Danielle😂😂😂 Vic where did you come up with that funny nickname for She-devil?