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enamoredseries By enamoredseries Updated Dec 14, 2016

Shadows above the sand. I, Leslie Carter, have longed for the idea of being enamored towards someone. The sea was quiet, who knows what it conceals, the lies tucked underneath. Everything turned subtle, nothing stays clear anymore.

I've always thought that if I reached the shore, I would be able to uncover the secrets these calm tides conceal. 

But everything was gone.

I died. She died. He laid beside her.
My past, gone. My future... a mystery. My dreams, corrupted.

It's all a blur now, and all I can say is that,  this incident helped tie me up holding me from reaching my path of desired fantasies. The fantasies of being held above the clouds, of a wanderlust desire for love, of feeling butterflies in your aching stomach, the longing for more of that really gets to you. 

But it's time to start over. Again. Yes. I, Leslie Carter, will soon uncover the hidden untold story of my long forgotten past. One way or another. Every picturesque detail of it. You'll see. 

You'll all see.

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