Searching for Sunshine

Searching for Sunshine

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Arkie1212 By Arkie1212 Updated Feb 05, 2017

This is an Academy: Ghost Bird fanfiction. All characters and whatnot belong to C. L. Stone.

*Special thanks to Smiley_Rileyxx for designing my cover. Amazing job!

A series of unfortunate events is the briefest and most accurate description of my life, but hey, at least I survived high-school, err sort of.

You see, there was school shooting. It happened during graduation, and I was one of the students injured. It was in the news for weeks:

The Ashley Waters High School Devastation. Sang Sorenson's Sacrifice.
After I was shot, Dr. Green took me to the Academy hospital. Once he fixed me up, he gave me a choice. I could return to my...let's just say difficult home life, or he could pronounce me dead on arrival, and I could join the Academy as a Ghost Bird.

The choice was simple.

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AcademyPrincess AcademyPrincess Sep 15, 2016
I think I'll like a blue eyed Luke :) Glad you started it hun :D
_Keaira4Life46_ _Keaira4Life46_ Sep 12, 2016
Great Chapter, I absolutely loved "Sang's Freedom" and am glad that you started another one. I'm excited to see the next chapter.
chatonML chatonML Oct 15, 2016
This is AMAZING!! So awesome, and it gives a sort of feeling that it's a reality and your In Front of it all and interacting within the story. Excellent job! I love it so far and I can't wait to read more! 😄 simply miraculous
MelissaHeartfilia MelissaHeartfilia Sep 12, 2016
YESSSSS I'm definitely gonna love this one❤️❤️❤️
celestemagix celestemagix Sep 15, 2016
Eh. As long as Gabe and him have different shades (like how doc and Kota have different greens).
K_Williams1 K_Williams1 Sep 12, 2016
They gave her an out and she really needs to take it.  I hope that they can help her.  Really help her.