The Knowledge Keeper

The Knowledge Keeper

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J L Pawley By JLPawley Completed


MISSING: The second youngest Keeper in history, along with Library Bus 19.
LAST KNOWN WHEREABOUTS: En route to investigate a suspected distress signal several kilometres beyond the Frontier.
LAST KNOWN ASSOCIATES: A rogue AI is suspected to be on board the Bus computer. Origin uncertain. Loyalties uncertain.
LIBRARY STATUS: Yellow alert. Await further instructions.

Generations after WW3 ended, the Earth is dry and harsh. Around the city of Omphalos, settlers are pushing deeper into the abandoned continent. Gas-filled cloudships harvest fresh water from the upper atmosphere, and deep trash mines reclaim discarded metals and plastics from the ancestors, which are melted and smelted into a brand new civilisation. The outposts of humanity can't function without the precious information saved in the halls of Omphalos Library. But with no internet, and few long distance vehicles, many can't get to the Library. So the Library comes to them. 

A network of rugged Buses circulates the scattered Routes, carrying archives of knowledge. Keepers drive the buses and serve the population to ensure equal access to all. Knowledge is power. And unbalanced power is dangerous.

But now two buses have gone missing, along with their Keepers. 

Raids on the frontier suggest there is someone else out there - someone who threatens to destroy everything humanity has worked so hard to rebuild.

I'm the only one who can stop it. 

Trapped deep in the wilderness, my only allies are a digital ghost and an insane desert warrior. I'm going to have to break all the Rules just to get home.

And I might not survive the trip.


Book 1 of The Keepers - a brand new series of a brand new subgenre: plasticpunk / ecopunk. 

Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, Mad Max, Divergent, and steampunk.

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