Blood Lust

Blood Lust

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Crystal Santacruz By Santacruz23 Completed

Xandria Bathory is a college student from New York who loves to travel. During summer vacation, she decides to go to Transylvania in central Romania. There she meets a handsome mysterious person takes a bite of her. When she she is bitten, she is warped to another time. When she awakens, she realizes she is not in her era, but in the 15th century in Hungary. She meets her ancestors, the House of Bathory, that had a history of violence and bloodshed. As she tries to survive and live her new life, she meets the prince of Wallachia, Vlad Tepes Dracul III, who has a secret of his own. Vlad takes an interest in her, since she is the spitting image of his deceased wife and would do anything to attain her. Will Xandria ever go back to her time or will she be stuck until her last dying breath?

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BlackVany BlackVany Apr 28, 2016
The beginning is very good, I am looking forward to the new chapter :)
natalie_adelyn_hope natalie_adelyn_hope Nov 16, 2016
You're a very good writer, most people who want to write stories related to this theme gives up very soon