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Velvet x reader

Velvet x reader

28.3K Reads 420 Votes 7 Part Story
SC By Silentshyguy123 Completed

This cute bunny faunus has taken quite a liking to you and the feeling just so happens to be mutual
WARNING: Mature content

Eli501st Eli501st Feb 20
I'm more of a LMG that turns into a sniper a shotgun a grenade launcher and a flame thriwer with a pistol for a side arm Assassin's creed hidden blades (various) a sabre and dual tomahawk pistols
Team_Mystic_Trash Team_Mystic_Trash Aug 06, 2016
For me it would be twin butterfly knives, each Engraved with dust, one fire, one ice.
Neopolitann Neopolitann Dec 30, 2016
Hcss with a sword sniper and Scythe with dust and called grey wolf... My main RWBY oc is a wolf faunus with that weapon
MilitaryMan234 MilitaryMan234 Nov 25, 2016
bastard sword that turns into a HK 416 SOPMOS the blade of the sword glows like a lightsaber
Eli501st Eli501st Feb 20
Only all of my weapons except for the tomahawk pistols don't use dust
Z3KR4M Z3KR4M 19 hours ago
Two floating beanbag-sized pillows that can absorb any dust-like attacks