Keepers of The Tower (Lesbian Story)

Keepers of The Tower (Lesbian Story)

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Danni By DanniNightShade Updated Jul 28

Young magician Levian has the entire world believing she's just another skilled mage. While the heads of the school know her lineage, her classmates know not of her secret. But when she's selected to join the Keepers, the protectors of the school and those who follow it's teachings, she ends up meeting a few individuals she's more than just curious about.

Mainly the Vampire Twins Sol and Mani, better known throughout the school as Red and Blue, are he head of the Keepers and their personalities are as opposite as can be. The girls care for each other but only Red interacts with other people. Blue on the other hand is cold and distant, but still polite and kind to those who actually talk to her, and this of course draws Levi in.

We'll see how long her curiosity lasts.

(This one is mostly just fluff and story. Its my way of getting out my inner love demons)

lionchan825 lionchan825 Jul 28
Funny story actually involving one of my relatives. She was taken out of her school for causing a ruckus, and when the police officer put her hands behind and she yelled, "Rape!" in front of all those high schoolers.