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Fairy Tail X READER - One-Shots And Lemons

Fairy Tail X READER - One-Shots And Lemons

83.1K Reads 1.4K Votes 34 Part Story
The_Random_One1 By The_Random_One1 Updated Dec 25, 2016


-Fairy Tail Characters X Reader
-Male!Fairy Tail Characters X Male!Reader
-Female!Fairy Tail Characters X Female!Reader
-Female!Fairy Tail Characters x Male!Reader

Warning: Lemons are stories that have characters involved in sexual activity

***All Fairy Tail characters do not belong to me, The_Random_One1. All Fairy Tail characters are respectly owned by Hiro Mashima***

AbbyBaskerville AbbyBaskerville Nov 27, 2016
Hello! If you take requests could you do an Edolas!Hughes x reader lemon? Thanks!
FireFox220 FireFox220 Aug 10, 2016
If that really me i would've been like " Help me Mira!! 😢" Darn u Mira and ur shipping fandom Dx"