Ice cream man♡Muke au

Ice cream man♡Muke au

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5sos is shit lol By -piNkiTyDrInkity Updated Aug 16

(Misspelling of words Intended)

"Baby boy, I have some very delicious treats in the back of the van, but you're going to have to come inside the van so you can earn your treat," 

"Owkay mister ice cweam man"

Where a boy one day runs from his home, and meets a very attractive blond 'ice cweam man' who says he can make him feel special 


{I started writing this last year so I don't recommend reading unless you are looking to cringe lmao)

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Or where Michael is a young innocent idiot and Luke pedophile but he's still hot so it seems to be okay
Purest_Form Purest_Form Mar 19
Why am i thinking of hedwick from split while reading this. Mike is adorable and reminds me of that personality in this
- - Mar 11
Yeah bïtch no fücking swearing âsshole it's not fücking nice you cünt. Have a nice fücking day.
ɯʜʏ ɗɪɗ ɪ ʀɛʌɗ ɪᵼ ɪɴ ʌ ʂᵱɵɴɢɛʙɵʙ ʋɵɪʗɛ 😂
OMG I can't be serious about this book! I know it's a disorder but when I read it out loud I just couldn't ughhhhh
This is like my 3 time reading this book and I still can't be serious with it