The Broken Gilbert (A Damon Salvatore Fanfiction)

The Broken Gilbert (A Damon Salvatore Fanfiction)

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Meet January Gilbert. 

She is the little sister to Elena Gilbert and the older sister to Jeremy Gilbert. 

When her parents die in a car accident over the summer how will she cope? And can she return to the same girl that she was once was? 

But when her sister meets the hot and mysterious Stefan Salvatore along with his blued eyed, raven haired older brother, How will she accept their secret along with one of her own? 

Read to find out.

Rissagirl29 Rissagirl29 Feb 03
QueenOribia QueenOribia 4 days ago
Waite Waite Waite... how old is Jeremy in season one? Because isn't Elena suppose to be like 15 or 16....... actually I'm not sure if I want to know... what Jeremy has been doing...
IdaWeasley IdaWeasley Jan 29
I'll just pretend you wore simple highwasted black skinny jeans, an oversized red sweatshirt with a pair of red converse. That's more my style.
i am not even joking when i was reading thinking what name would give you the nickname jan and the name january came to my mind automatically. i'm a magician
IdaWeasley IdaWeasley Jan 29
I'd be like: "too bad, be more specific next time." (Bc she's also Ms. Gilbert)
Evermore06 Evermore06 Jan 01
Thought you said it was 4 months. Any good book I'm addicted already