The Broken Gilbert (A Damon Salvatore Fanfiction)

The Broken Gilbert (A Damon Salvatore Fanfiction)

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Meet January Gilbert. 

She is the little sister to Elena Gilbert and the older sister to Jeremy Gilbert. 

When her parents die in a car accident over the summer how will she cope? And can she return to the same girl that she was once was? 

But when her sister meets the hot and mysterious Stefan Salvatore along with his blued eyed, raven haired older brother, How will she accept their secret along with one of her own? 

Read to find out.

zahane- zahane- Aug 06
The ending scene made my eyes water. You can write emotion into your story. I wish I could do that.
Why did I imagine Serena from gossip girl talking to Blair 😂
Rebel38_ Rebel38_ Nov 25
Piace means to like it wouldn't be mi for me it would be mia which feminine to say me
5 bucks says it's vervain or something that doesn't let her be compelled
merrymalia merrymalia Sep 05
fück off, tanner. nobody like your crust aśś, we are all glad you're dead
🎶I can see into the future 🎶
                              I can't believe that there's going to be a that's so raven 2