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Ermina By Rosabella_Ashbry Updated Oct 05, 2017

" Don't you see young one? We haven't been playing our cards right because we never thought to add the ones that were played with before."

  1550 years ago the original supernatural leaders  entered the realm of Enomenos for the first time.
   For many years the four supernatural species: Lykos, Magos, Vrady and Pouli have lived united in peace and tranquility after the deadly war that had taken place on earth, which resulted in hundreds killed. 
  Time has passed and the danger and deaths from the Great War of Aima have almost been completely forgotten. 
  But something is stirring in the shadows once more, more powerful than ever with its eyes set on Enomenos.
 With the threat of darkness and evil hanging over Enomenos , maybe the Whispered secrets of Enomenos shouldn't have been secrets in the first place.
Highest Ranking | #267 Werewolf
(Previously known as The Regretted Rejection of an Undercover Omega)

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