Lust or Love (Captain Swan AU)

Lust or Love (Captain Swan AU)

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killiansass By hooker_at_once Updated Nov 20, 2016

Emma is heading into her freshman year of college. She soon comes to find herself slowly falling for her Criminal Justice professor who is a consistent flirt towards her. 

Keeping away from him and attempting to not get kicked out of the prestigious school, she needs to move on in her life from her troubling past into a hope filled future. 

But, will their fast growing feelings overcome persistent obstacles they face separately or together?


CaptSwxnJoxnes CaptSwxnJoxnes Sep 18, 2016
This is so good I love it I can't wait to read the next part
annietheoncer annietheoncer Oct 09, 2016
I luv all the stories that I've read that r written by u PERIOD
annietheoncer annietheoncer Oct 09, 2016
I loved it,although I also loved think bad thoughts sooooo I'm gonna miss it,but this one is the perfection of perfect,I just loved this chapter,keep making me feel like a high schooler!!
CaptainSwan_6828 CaptainSwan_6828 Sep 18, 2016
Oh my god i love this. Its AMAZING!!!!! I'm just curious are you gonna update one a day or more like two a day?? Btw this ia brianna from the group chat on insta
killiansayebrows killiansayebrows Sep 18, 2016
Oh, come on. If I were you I would never complain. Just admit you ship it, cab driver whos name I don't know ;)
killiansayebrows killiansayebrows Sep 18, 2016
Meee... I mean, what is the point to go to school when you already missed one of your classes? 
                              *purposely put my alarm later on, so I'll oversleep*